Level 2 Business

For businesses clients full managed services are available including Onsite and Remote Support, Remote Monitoring and Management, and Asset Tracking and Inventory of Servers, Desktops and Networks.а Also avalible are OffsiteаBackup, Hosted Email and Websites, Managed Antivirus, Voice over IP Phone Systems, and more.

Offsite Backup

With OBS, your business data is 100% safe from fires, floods, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, or other disasters. If you're more comfortable with additional mediums of backup, OBS Data Replication Option allows you to copy your backup data automatically to an unlimited number of replication nodes. These nodes could be in another building or even in another country. Data Replication Option eliminates the need for an external secure transport vaulting service. Physical transporting of data contains an inherent margin of error, but our digital service eliminates any possible occurrence of negligence or accident.а

Managed Servers

With WIT's Managed Servers the complication of managing your server is now one less thing you have to worry about. аDon't have a server? аWe will even provide a server with some of our management packages, or if an onsite server is not needed, Cloud servers can be managed as well. аTake the worry of virus, data loss, and file corruption out of your mind and let Walker-IT manage your servers for you.

Managed Desktops

Spyware, virus, and annoying desktop errors diminish employee production. аWith Managed Desktops, Walker-IT daily checks your PCs for issues, viruses, and even security updates making sure employees are able to use technology to make their job easier rather than impeding performance. аWe can remotely repair most issues without costly onsite visits or interruption of employee work time through our backend management system.

Managed Networks

In today's business world, we don't just have single PCs anymore. аCompanies, both large and small, have to have networked resources to share files, printers, and software. аUnfortunately we also share virus, malware, and spyware. аLet Walker-IT manage your Network, keeping web surfing of employees under control, viruses at bay and even reducing spam.

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